NEW Economic Consequences of Mass Migration: The Venezuelan Exodus in Peru. 2021. (with Cesar Martinelli and Cynthia Boruchowicz) . Link:

NEW “Time Use of Youth during a Pandemic: Evidence from Mexico” (with Cynthia Boruchowicz and Lindsay Robbins) 2021. Under review. Link:

“Do Conditional Cash Transfers Improve Outcomes in the Next Generation: Evidence from Mexico” (with Tom Vogl) Revised January 2021. NBER Working Paper 24303. February. Summarized in NBER Digest, June 2018. Featured on Vox. Under review.

“Impacts of PROSPERA on Enrollment, School Trajectories and Learning.” World Bank (with Jere Behrman and Petra Todd). 2019. Policy Research Working Paper #32374. The World Bank.

From Cash to Deposits: Effects on Women’s Work and Wellbeing: Results from the Prospera Digital Program (with Fernanda Marquez-Padilla). 2019.

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